August 22, 2004

My dearest Hiccup,

Today marks 6 months since your birth. Can you believe that 6 months have passed so quickly, yet so slow at the same time?

I've loved you every day, my boy. Never has a day gone by without my thoughts being consumed by you. Half a year ago right now, you were still deep below my heart, only you and me together. Now.. you're half a world away, snuggled below the heart of another mother.

I can't help but ask myself why I ever decided to be a surrogate. My answer is you, Hiccup. My answer is you. Had I not been a surrogate, you would not be in this world today. You would not be my sunshine, my breath and my life. Had I not been a surrogate, I would not have the pride I have, I would not have the hopes and the dreams I hold so close.. only to be with you, my baby, only to be with you.

Amazing, the changes you've made in your short time on this earth. You've grown and matured and you've learned so many new things. I close my eyes, sweet baby, and I see these things. I see you, I look into your eyes and I see the love in your eyes as you smile up at me with recognition.

"Mommy.." Ah yes, my son, I will always be your mommy.

As this day marks 6 months of your life, Hiccup, feel my love. Let it radiate through your being and engulf you in eternal happiness. You deserve nothing but the best, my sweetness.. nothing but the best.

I love you, son.

flyinwowings wrote on 2004-08-22 at 12:31 a.m.

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